Decal Info

Decal info:

American Wall Designs uses inches for its unit of measurement. If you need a conversion, for example, converting inches to centimeters, we suggest typing "conversion from inches to centimeters" into your browser. Then "background" will be whatever surface you choose to apply your decals.

All of our decals are customized per order, hand crafted, and made in U.S.A. Computerized laser cutters crop out the decals to your dimension specifications before the weeding process prepares the design for smooth surface application.

Please note: Sample pictures may be larger or smaller than the actual decals. Additionally, some of our decals (usually larger or longer than 22") may come in multiple parts for assembly. These designs can be rearranged, rotated, or aligned to your preference by cutting in between most words, letters, or pieces.

American Wall Designs removable adhesive, making for an interior safe and removable decal.


American Wall Designs products will stick to most smooth flat surfaces including finished wood, wall, metal, paint, glass, plastic, furniture, appliances, doors, windows, laptops, mirrors and much more. Decals will stick only to lightly textured walls. It is advised that for heavily textured walls that a 3M General Use Spray Adhesive is purchased in addition to the decals.

In some cases and due to different decal designs, temperature, humidity, dirty or dusty surface area, textured surfaces, specific paints (low VOC or free VOC), and unclean hands or tools may cause some difficulties with the installation, peeling, or applying your decal(s). Email us via our "Contact Us” page, or call us during our normal business hours BEFORE placing your order so we can assist you further.

Please note: American Wall Designs does not guarantee the adhesiveness of all decals and products for all type of surfaces. For freshly painted walls please allow up to 45 days for the paint to cure.

For installation, simply peel the decals that do not have a transparent masking tape and adhere them in an arrangement of your choice. More detailed decals arrive covered with a transparent masking tape, allowing for easy removal from the base paper and wall or surface placement. Click on our "Installation Page" for our courtesy instruction pictures and videos. Some of our decals (usually larger and longer than 22") may come with multiple components to assemble. Cutting between these decal components, rotating and rearranging may be required to achieve the identical look on our site. American Wall Designs will not issue refunds for damage to your surface. In almost all cases, removal of the decal will not damage your walls. Grab the edge of the decal and remove it.

Please refer to the size and orientation of the actual decal(s) that you are ordering and NOT the sample pictures on the website.

. Product sample sizes illustrated via example photos may appear larger or smaller.

. Do not base the orientation on the sample pictures but rather make certain that you have specified or selected the desired orientation of your decal(s).

. Some decals may be manufactured within an inch of the customer selected size.

BEFORE placing your order and for all customization, alterations, designs, wall quotes, sizes, and prices, go to our "Contact Us" page and email or call us so that we can provide better assistance.

If you must modify, correct, or change your placed order, call us immediately during normal business hours or send us a contact us form.