How long does shipping take?

We ship daily via United States Postal Service. We ship all orders from our factory in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. We do not drop ship from distributors. All P.O. Box and APO addresses are accepted. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing of your order. Processing times are subject to change without prior notice. Most of our customers in the U.S. receive their orders within 5-10 business days. International packages generally take anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks. American Wall Designs is not responsible for any delays or fees due to customs regulations in any given country. Generally customers outside the U.S. receive their orders within 7-14 business days after processing. Be advised that USPS does not guarantee the delivery of their First Class packages within 2-7 business days or Priority shipments within 2-3 business days.

Where is my package?

If you have provided the processing department with an incorrect address or zip code, American Wall Designs is is not responsible for the location of your order. In most cases improperly mailed orders will get shipped back to American Wall Designs. It is your responsibility to follow up to see if we have or have not received your returned package. An additional fee will be assessed for shipping to the correct address.

What do I do if it has been 3 weeks since I placed my order and I still have not received it?

You must check with your local Post Office immediately and/or your country customs department for regulations. Due to heavy volume and certain country customs requirements, some packages make take up to 30 days to clear customs for for delivery. American Wall Designs is does not have unlimited access to track, locate, or claim package(s) after 45 days. Please notify us immediately so we can assist you better. Some countries’ customs department requirements and restrictions, insurance, tracking updates and other information may be limited or not available, rendering package tracking difficulty. If you have any other questions or concerns, utilize the “Contact the shop owner” link. You can also call USPS (United States Postal Service) direct: 800-ASK-USPS (800-275-8777).

What if I get someone else's package?

Please call or email us immediately if you have received someone else’s package. We will email you our paid return label and paid tracking number so you can return the incorrect package. If you decide to pay and return the package to us, American Wall Designs is not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items and will not refund shipping, packaging, tracking, or insurance fees. Please make certain of all tracking numbers and insurance on all returned items. If a customer decides to keep the wrong package and contents, their account will be charged for the full price of that specific order/design(s).


How do you measure your sizes?

American Wall Designs uses inches for its unit of measurement. If you need a conversion we suggest typing "conversion from inches to centimeters" into your browser.

How are decals manufactured?

All of our decals are customized per order, hand crafted, and made in U.S.A. Computerized laser cutters crop out the decals to your dimension specifications before the weeding process prepares the design for your smooth surface application. Sample pictures may be larger or smaller than the actual decals. Additionally, some of our decals (usually larger or longer than 23") may come in multiple parts to assemble. These designs can be rearranged, rotated, or aligned to your preference by cutting in between most words, letters, or pieces.

How long does it take to process an order?

New order handling begins immediately but allow up to 3 business days for total processing. Please note: Processing times are subject to change without prior notice.

What material are decals made of?

American Wall Designs uses the highest quality vinyl on the market. You may apply our decals to most flat and smooth surfaces. If you are concerned or have questions about a surface you may contact us via or contact us page. 

How long will your decals last?

Vinyl decals will last for as long as you like indoor. We have different materials to print on for outdoor projects and signage that can last from temporary to permanent. Contact us for more details. Indoor decals are designed for easy, damage free removal. If for some reason stronger adhesive strength is required, a simple application of 3M General Spray Adhesive will suffice.

Vinyl Colors

Our web site colors are computer generated and may vary depending on your computer, device or screen resolution.

Please note that we do not issue a refund or make an exchange due to dissatisfaction of product colors.

Other than walls, where can I install my vinyl decals?

American Wall Designs will stick to most smooth flat surfaces including finished wood, metal, paint, glass, plastic, furniture, appliances, doors, windows, laptops, mirrors and much more. In some cases and due to different decal designs, temperature, humidity, dirty or dusty surface area, textured surfaces, specific paints (low VOC or free VOC), and unclean hands or tools may cause some difficulties with the installation, peeling, or applying your decal(s). Email us via our "Contact Us” page, or call us during our normal business hours BEFORE placing your order so we can assist you further. Typically for heavily textured wall, a simple application of 3M General Spray Adhesive will suffice.

Please note: American Wall Designs does not guarantee the adhesiveness of all decals and products for all type of surfaces. For freshly painted walls please allow up to 45 days for the paint to cure. We highly recommend the purchase of a color chart that includes a few sample decals for the purposes of trying out the product before you place an order.

Can I reuse the decals?

Polka dots, room stripes, certain ring packs, and decals that do not have multiple cuts can be removed and maybe reused or repositioned but there is a limit to the overall adhesiveness of the decals after so many uses. More intricate designs like thin lettering, some flowers and branches and detailed designs cannot be reused.

Who will apply my decals?

You are responsible for installation of your decals. We will provide you with our courtesy instruction page. We also have multiple installation videos and pictures on our site for your convenience. American Wall Designs is not responsible for any decal installation and does not offer a refund for damage at the time of installation. If you are not comfortable applying your decals, please refer to your local guide or directory and ask for professional help.

How do I apply the decal?

Simply peel the decals that do not have a transparent masking tape and adhere them in an arrangement of your choice. More detailed decals arrive covered with a transparent masking tape, allowing for easy removal from the base paper and wall or surface placement. Click on our "Installation Page" for our courtesy instruction pictures and videos. Some of our decals (usually larger and longer than 22") may come with multiple components to assemble. Cutting between these decal components, rotating and rearranging may be required to achieve the identical look on our site.

Will I be able to remove the decal without damaging my walls?

In almost all cases, removal of the decal will not damage your walls. Grab the edge of the decal and peel it right off.

Please note: American Wall Designs will not issue refunds for damage to your surface.

Will I receive the same exact size and orientation shown on American Wall Designs?

Please refer to the size and orientation of the actual decal(s) that you are ordering and NOT the sample pictures on the website.

. Product sample sizes illustrated via example photos may appear larger or smaller.

. Do not base the orientation on the sample pictures but rather make certain that you have specified or selected the desired orientation of your decal(s).

. Some decals may be manufactured within an inch of the customer selected size.

How do I alter an order or customize my own decals?

BEFORE placing your order and for all customizations, alterations, designs, wall quotes, sizes, and prices, go to our "Contact Us" page and email or call us so that we can better assist you. If you must modify, correct, or change your placed order, call us immediately during normal business hours or send us an email.