Game Room Wall Decal Peel and Stick Video Game Wall Decals, n52

  • $24.00

Decorate your home or office with the Game Room Wall Stickers!  Who doesn't need this awesome video game room decal? This decal mural kit is screaming to occupy your game room walls. 

SHEET SIZES (in inches- each sheet includes 4 fruit decals, 7 characters, 48 dots and 4 power pallets)
16" sheet includes (4) 4" fruits, (7) 3.8" characters, (48) .5" dots, (4) 1.5"power pallets
22" sheet includes (4) 6" fruits, (7) 5" characters, (48) .75" dots, (4) 2"power pallets
30" sheet includes (4) 8" fruits, (7) 7" characters, (48) 1" dots, (4) 2.5"power pallets
60" sheet includes (4) 11" fruits, (7) 10" characters, (48) 1.5" dots, (4) 3.5"power pallets
124" sheet includes (4) 23" fruits, (7) 20" characters, (48) 3" dots, (4) 7" power pallets

Choose a color for the Square Pac-Dots and pallets only. Everything else will be in the colors shown. 

Simply PEEL and STICK! This mural decal is made from 100% interior safe, removable quality adhesive vinyl! Instead of low cost vinyl with limited permanence and durability, American Wall Designs only uses the best, top of the line material. American Wall Designs have a matte finish and appear as though they have been painted right on walls and other surfaces, making them perfect for permanent or temporary decorating! In addition to walls, decal designs are exemplary for windows, doors, furniture, appliances, laptops, cabinets, and nearly any flat, smooth (and even some textured) surfaces. Product colors may vary slightly depending on screen resolution. All sizes are within a close approximation. Designs over 22" may arrive in multiple pieces for easier application.

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